In collaboration with : thenorthroom

The farm scanner is a rethinking of the mechanization of agriculture. Consolidating the tools of cultivation into a single system, the farm scanner provides a greater agricultural production with a more systematic process. Working similarly to an enlarged printer or scanner, the machine moves back and forth across the field. When engaged to the drive wheel, the farming implement lifts and rotates allowing for automatic reconfiguration for different tasks. The disc cultivators plow the land preparing the earth for the seed sowing process. The track across the entire system allows for a seed drill unit to precisely lay down seeds in a predetermined manner. The same track can be configured to allow for the extension of an irrigation system. Once the crops have taken hold, the row crop cultivator configuration cuts down weeds with steel sweeps. Along with greater food production, the farm scanner also has the potential to transform farmlands into a new advertisement real estate, providing a secondary means of income for farmers.